The new gameshow on TV4 Sweden. This is part of the Bingolotto graphic package that is aired on TV4 and TV7. Bingolottos Upp till Miljonen is aired at 18.00 Swedish time and at 19.00 Bingolotto takes over. At 18.45 we take a peek into the Bingolotto studio and this is illustrated with an ident that transforms from this design to the design of Bingolottos as can be seen below. In the studio is a big screen with graphics with questions and answers, all tightly connected to the ident design. Music: TMP Client: Eyeworks Sweden AB

Graphics for the large screen in the studio.
All the screens in the studio edited togheter.
Two different idents taking the viewer from Bingolotts Upp till Miljonen to Bingolotto and then back.
They transform to Bingolottos coloured cubes in a dynamic way.